Privacy Policy (PDF)

Privacy refers to protecting the confidentiality of information en route over the Internet. The Bank of Herrin utilizes a secure Web site provided by our vendor, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI). Individuals surfing our site with a browser that supports authentication and encryption have the option of utilizing this secure site. Browsers that support the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol provide the following:

Encryption provides privacy for the data flowing on the Internet between your browser and CSI’s server. SSL utilizes public key cryptography.

Public Key Cryptography
Public key cryptography is a technique that uses a pair of keys, one public (or distributed) and one private (or confidential), for encryption and decryption. The public key can be distributed using a certificate that verifies the identity of the owner. The private key is kept confidential.

Whenever an account holder accesses this Bank of Herrin Web site, the session is protected by public key cryptography. To see at a glance if a session is secure, check the key icon at the lower left corner of the Netscape® screen. If it is intact and a blue line appears at the top of the screen, then all messages are secure. If the icon appears as a picture of a broken key, then encryption is not in use and the current session is not secure. If you are using Internet Explorer®, the icon indicating a secure site is a locked padlock in the lower right corner of the screen.

SSL protocol allows for the transfer of digitally signed certificates for authentication procedures and provides message integrity, which ensures that the data can’t be altered enroute.

It is important to verify that only authorized persons log into The Bank of Herrin Internet Banking. This is achieved by verifying your password. When you submit your password, it is compared with the password we have stored in our secure data center. You have five (5) tries to enter your password correctly. If you enter an incorrect password 5 times, your online banking account will be locked until you call us to reinitialize the account. You play a critical role in preventing others from logging on to your account. Never use passwords that are easy to guess. Examples of bad passwords are birth dates, first names, pet names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. Never reveal your password to another person. Your password can be changed periodically if you desire, and we recommend that you do so.

Network Security
While we strongly recommend that you always sign off (log out) when you are finished with your online banking activities, as a security feature The Bank of Herrin Internet Banking will “timeout” after 10 minutes. This is done to help prevent others from accessing your accounts in case you have left your PC unattended without logging out. Our main server is not directly connected to the internet and is protected by firewalls. The requests you make via the internet are handled indirectly to further protect your accounts.

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