At The Bank of Herrin, we take a serious approach to financial planning. We build long-term trust relationships with our customers that take into consideration their immediate and long-range needs.

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your complete financial needs. Then, we help you focus on your trust objectives to create a realistic plan to help you achieve these goals, for example: your children’s education or saving for retirement.

Our resources include the experience and knowledge of our trust officers who keep you on track by explaining and recommending investment strategies suitable for your current situation and long-term goals.

We help you understand the basic principals of investing. We work with you to identify an appropriate investment mix that targets your financial objectives. And periodically, we review and revise your portfolio to ensure it reflects changes in the market and changes in your financial needs.

At The Bank of Herrin, our trust investment services are unbiased and objective. At all times, we keep your best interest in mind. Our services are based on a competitive fee schedule. To learn more about our investment services, stop by or call our Trust Department.

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