You’ll never be too far from your money. The Bank of Herrin gives you many ways to have access to your accounts 24/7. So, whether you’re in the car, at the coffee shop or at home in your pajamas, you’ll always know where you stand.

Access your banking information by phone!

Call our telephone banking number:  1-877-HERRIN1 (1-877-437-7461).

Press For:
1-Account Information
2-Transfer funds
3-Change PIN
4- Current Rates
5-Activate Your Debit Card
0-Contact Information

Access Information on:
Checking Account
Savings Account
Certificates of Deposit
  • current balance
  • last 6 checks
  • check a specific check
  • last 6 electronic withdrawals
  • direct deposits
  • last 6 deposits
  • interest earned
  • current balance
  • last 6 deposits
  • last direct deposit
  • last 6 ATM transactions
  • last 6 withdrawals
  • interest paid
  • current balance
  • interest last earned
  • previous year interest
  • next maturity date
  • balance
  • next payment due date
  • next payment amount




Bank of Herrin