photo-safe-deposit-boxesSafe and Secure.

Safe deposit boxes provide a secure place away from your home or office for important documents and valuables. The Bank of Herrin offers safe deposit boxes in a variety of sizes and the annual rent can be automatically deducted from your Bank of Herrin account.

You must be 18 years or older to rent, and all box renters must sign the form when opening a new safety deposit box. Rent is due on May 15th of each year. A $5.00 late fee starts on the 31st day after the rent is due and will be imposed each year rent is not paid. A $25.00 key deposit is also collected when a new box is rented.



Important! If you lose your box key we cannot have new keys made.

Contact your Herrin, Carterville or Marion branches to check availability and annual service fee.





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