The Majority of living trusts are revocable, with The Bank of Herrin customarily serving as trustee while managing assets and providing investment and estate planning advise. With a Revocable Living Trust, you can remove any or all of your assets from the trust at any time. Occasionally The Bank of Herrin steps in to provide additional assistance such as paying bills and other services when our customer suffers a stroke, blindness or other unfortunate event.

This type of living trust can avoid probate fees and provide a smooth transition, delivering assets to beneficiaries.

Occasionally in special circumstances, customers choose to create an Irrevocable Living Trust. These situations are rare and should be entered with great care.

When you designate The Bank of Herrin as trustee, you can be certain your assets will be carefully managed by objective, unbiased professionals who are working in your best interest. And you will have more time for important things in life – enjoying yourself, traveling, spending time with your family.

Establishing either type of living trust at The Bank of Herrin provides you with professional asset management, relieves you of the burdensome day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities, and protects your assets from probate. Most importantly, The Bank of Herrin ensures you that your assets are managed privately.

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