Commonly Asked Questions and Answers


Q: What is your routing number?

A: 081203318


Q: Do you sell license stickers?

A: Yes. We accept payments of cash or check from account holders only. You must bring in your renewal form to renew your sticker at our Herrin, Carterville or Marion locations. We do not sell license stickers thru the drive thru only in the lobby Monday thru Friday.


Q: Is the lobby open on Saturday?

A: No. Only our Herrin, Carterville, and Marion drive thru’s are open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.


Q: Can I open a new account or get a loan on Saturdays?

A: No. Our lobby isn’t open on Saturdays, so our personal bankers nor loan department are here to help you. You can come in Monday – Friday to open accounts or apply for a loan.


Q: What information do I need to bring to the bank with me to open a checking or savings account?

A: A VALID picture ID (if it doesn’t have the correct address on it you must bring proof of current address) OR TWO other forms of ID (Social Security Card, FOID card, Insurance Card, etc..). You must also know your social security number, but you don’t necessarily have to bring your Social Security card with you for that purpose.


Q: What do I do if my debit card has been compromised or a fraudulent transaction has posted to my account?

A: During bank hours please call either the Herrin, Carterville or Marion branches and talk to someone about your debit card. After hours please call CSI at 1-844-202-5333.


Q: Can I activate my debit card over the phone or do I need to come into the bank?

A: You must come into the bank to activate and pin your NEW debit card. If it is a re-issued card (meaning you got a new one in the mail with a new expiration date but still the same card number) you can activate your card over the phone if you would like to keep the same PIN number that you had before. There should be a sticker on your re-issued card that explains the process to activate it over the phone.


Q: Can I use my credit card to pay a loan payment?

A: No. We accept payments of check or cash. Or if you have online banking you can make a transfer to your loan from your Bank of Herrin checking or savings account.


Q: Is internet banking and bill pay free?

A: Yes. Both of these services are free of charge.


Q: How come my mobile app won’t let me transfer from savings to checking, but I have been able to make transfers previously with no problem?

A: The most likely reason is that you have exceeded the transfer limit for the month FROM savings TO another one of your accounts on our mobile app. The limit on the app is set at 6. So when you make that many transfers starting at the beginning of each month it will not let you make any more until the next month. These are the regulations of a savings account only, so if you transfer from checking to checking or checking to savings there will be no limit to the number of transfers you make on the mobile app per month. And don’t worry, even if you have exceeded the limit on the app for transferring from savings to checking you can still come into the bank or give us a call and we would be happy to help you out!


Bank of Herrin