An executor is a person charged with carrying out the wishes expressed in a will for the administration of an estate and the distribution of the assets in the estate.

Many people choose The Bank of Herrin as executor because our financial professionals are:

  • Trained, experienced and fully qualified
  • Experienced in property management and estate settlement
  • Financially responsible and trustworthy
  • Unbiased and objective
  • Understanding to the needs of your family
  • Corporation – so won’t get sick or die.

The Bank of Herrin can be appointed as your executor under a will to act as your representative. When the will is admitted to probate The Bank of Herrin as executor, receives authority from the court to act on your behalf. We will execute the will according to your instructions quickly, inexpensively, and confidentially.

Contact The Bank of Herrin Trust Department to discuss the advantages of naming us as your executor.

An Administrator is court appointed where there is no will.

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